Find it in Mynewsdesk: Settings > Newsroom settings > Beta

Out with the old and in with the new. We have updated the look of the Publish form and the newsroom. We have also added some new features in the new design to make the newsroom more adaptable to your own company branding. If you didn’t already know, all customers can enable the new design by themselves under newsroom settings. 

Activate new design

To activate the new design for the newsroom, switch on the toggle Activate new newsroom design on Click the Preview button to the right to see a preview of your newsroom. 

Brand colors

In the new design  it is possible to customize the colors in the newsroom to match your own company colors. There are two brand colors, primary and secondary. The primary brand color is used for static areas in the  newsroom to emphasize branding. One example is the line under each header. 

The secondary brand color is built for interactive purposes. These include the follow button, newsroom footer and hover states on social media images. 

To change the brand color, click the box and pick a color from the color wheel or input a hex code.

New design for hosted newsroom

To get the new design for your hosted newsroom, switch on the toggle Activate new newsroom design for hosted newsroom. By enabling the new design, your hosted newsroom will look just like your regular newsroom on Mynewsdesk. The brand colors that you have chosen for your regular newsroom will apply on the hosted newsroom as well. The new design works for both iFrame and CNAME solutions. 

Note: If you already have a hosted newsroom solution connected, the custom stylings you made will be disabled if you switch on the new design for hosted newsroom. This includes CSS/HTML styling in header and footer for CNAME solutions. If you decide to switch back to the old design your customized styling will be activate.

New Publish form design

The Publish form has also been updated with a new design. To turn this on, switch on the toggle Activate new Publish design.