The file to be imported may be up to 5 MB in size, and needs to be one of the following file types:

If the import of a file is failing, it is mostly due to shortcomings in the file itself.
Please check that your file doesn’t contain:

– mis-spelled email addresses (e.g. gmail,com instead of
– fields filled with more than 180 characters
– data that is not organised in columns
– any combined cells
– multiple tabs

If none of the above applies, it might be some bad formatting that is causing issues. To get rid of the bad formatting, you can try to mark all names, copy, and then paste them as values into a completely new file that you create in Excel. Then save and import this new file.

Alternatively, you can use the Paste function instead, as described in the Paste section in our guide Import contacts into your lists.

To ensure a correct take-over of special characters and umlauts, the uploaded file with your names should be saved in Unicode (UTF-8).

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