The moment you publish content on Mynewsdesk, it is sent by email to subscribers, followers and your own contact lists, though there are a few exemptions.

We won’t send an email when you

  • edit content that has already been published
  • publish events, images, videos, documents or contacts (unless adding own contact lists for event distribution)
  • deactivate email distribution (by ticking the checkbox “Only publish in Newsroom without sending e-mails to Newsroom followers and subscribers.”)
  • choose to backdate a publishing date for more than 2 days

In summary, you can say that an email is sent when you publish a press release, news story or blog post for the first time, not deactivating distribution or backdating.

An exception applies to published material that has yet not been distributed due to backdating by more than 2 days, or due to having been published before the pressroom went live. If you edit such a material and change the publishing date to a date that is currently 2 days or less in the past, email will be sent.

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