Out with the old, in with the new. Let the new newsroom design show you.

Mynewsdesk has been keeping this under wraps for weeks—just when you thought all the New Year’s surprises were over.

If you didn’t already know, all customers can enable the latest design themselves. To understand the biggest changes you can look forward to, give these FAQs a read.

Q: How do I get the new newsroom design?
A: Go to Newsroom settings > Beta, then switch on Activate new newsroom design. To preview the new design and test it before going live, click the preview link.

Q: Can I go back to the old newsroom design?
A: Yes. Go to Newsroom settings > Beta, then switch off Activate new newsroom design

Q: What are brand colors?
A: Brand colors are introduced for the first time in the new newsroom design. There are two brand colors—primary and secondary—that you can fully customize to match your own company colors.

Q: How do I change brand colors?
A: Go to Newsroom settings > Beta > Brand colors. Click the box and pick a color from the color wheel or input a hex code.

Q: What is a news archive?
A: This is where you find all your published press releases, news and blog posts. Filter by content type or tags to make your search easier.

Q: What is a media library?
A: This is where you find all your published photos, videos and documents. Filter by content type or tags to make your search easier.

Q: Is there a rule of thumb for selecting header images?
A: As they are the main visual for your press release, blog post or news article, they should be presented in the best light. Always upload images in landscape format and at least 700 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

Q: Does the new design apply to hosted newsrooms?
A: We now have a beta version of the new newsroom design available for hosted newsrooms, working for both iFrame and Cname solutions. You activate this separately, under Newsroom settings > Beta.

Q: Will brand colors and individual customizations also apply to my hosted newsroom?
A: Your selected brand colors will apply to the hosted newsroom as well.
In contrast, any individual customer styling will be disabled. This includes CSS and HTML styling in header and footer that you might have applied to the previous hosted newsroom design.
However, these customizations will not be removed completely, and will work if you decide to switch back your hosted newsroom again to the old design.

Q: Will it be possible to customize the new newsroom design on hosted newsrooms?
A: Yes, as a next step we are now looking into adding new ways of styling and customizing a newsroom that fits the new design.

Q: Is the new newsroom design compliant with the EU Web Accessibility Directive?
A: The new design will be meeting the compliance deadline on September 23, 2020 for public sector organizations.

Hope this sorts it all out for you. A toast to the improved newsroom design for the new decade!