The moment you publish a press release, news or blog post on Mynewsdesk, it is normally automatically being sent by email to subscribers and followers of your newsroom.

You can easily deactivate this email distribution by ticking the checkbox that says “Only publish in Newsroom without sending e-mails to Newsroom followers and subscribers.”
You will find the checkbox in the distribution settings, in the section Visibility in Newsroom

To access the distribution settings, create a new piece of content in Publish, add your basic information, related content etc. and click on Save and continue in the lower right corner. If you already have a draft, find your content in Publish and click on the three dots menu to directly access Distribution.

Please be aware that with the checkbox being ticked, emails will still be distributed to your own contacts, if you have selected lists for distribution. If you don’t want any emails to be sent at all, please make sure that no contact list have been added to the Email distribution.

Also if you backdate the publication by more than 2 days, it will not be sent to followers or subscribers, regardless of whether the above checkbox is ticked or not.

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