With our feature Send exclusive you can email content to your contacts without publishing it, or share content that has already been published (and therefore cannot be sent any longer via the regular distribution settings).

You can schedule Send exclusive by going to Publish > Press releases, then pick Schedule Send Exclusive from the three dots menu for the press release. Add distribution lists and/or contacts, choose time and date and confirm the scheduling. 

Press releases that have a scheduled Send exclusive will show an envelope/clock icon in the list under Publish > Press releases. In case you wish to edit or remove the scheduling, click on the three dots menu and pick Edit scheduled Send exclusive. Update with your changes, or click on Delete Scheduled to delete the scheduling (this will not remove the press release itself).

The Schedule Send Exclusive feature is only available for press releases (and not for news or other types of material). Moreover, the newsroom needs to be live in order to access any distribution. 

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