To see details about the already conducted distribution of e.g. a press release, you go to Publish > Press releases, then click on the three dots menu for the published story and select Distribute.

This will show you the distribution settings page, including the topics, regions and contact lists to which emails were sent.
Please note that for a published story, these settings can only be viewed, but not changed, nor can any distribution be repeated via this page (if you want to email more lists, please see our FAQ on how to send already published content to more recipients).

Another way to view distribution is from a certain contact’s perspective:
Go to Contacts > Contact lists, then click on a list or All contacts in order to look up a contact. Click on the contact’s name or email to see the details. On the right hand side, you have the Activity section with a list of all stories that have been sent to the contact, including information on whether those emails were opened or clicked.

Nonetheless, all statistical reporting with regard to distribution is to be found in Analyze.  

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