To add an image to a press release, you start off by going to Publish > Press releases, continue by clicking Create New, or simply pick Edit by using the menu button (three dots).

There are three ways to add an image to a Press release, News article or Blog post:

Header image
Underneath Header image you add the image you wish to use as the main image for the story. To add a new image, click on the frame and pick an image stored on your computer. You can also add it by dragging and dropping the image to the frame, then it will be uploaded automatically.

The header image is also added to the Image handler under Publish > Images, but will not be automatically published in the Media library of your newsroom. If your image is already uploaded to your Image Handler, you will be able to find it by clicking “Choose image from media bank”.

The header image, or main image, will be shown at the top of your press release, as well as in list views – for example in search engine results, social media, or on Mynewsdesk Stories. However, this does not mean that the image is downloadable.

Related content
In the section of Related content you click to add images from your Image Handler. If you (in the last step before you confirm publication of the press release) choose to publish your related content, these images will also be published on their respective site in the Media library of your newsroom. Here they will – as long as you have not selected All rights reserved as image licensing – be available for download. Therefore it is important that, if you want the header image (see above) to be downloadable, you also add it as related content.

Body text
It is also possible to add images to the body itself. Firstly you click where you want the image to be in the text, and then click the image icon in the body text’s tool menu. If you then wish to change its size, simply click the image itself once uploaded, and move your cursor to the bottom right corner until an arrow appears. Click this arrow and drag it to the size you wish the image to be.

The advantages of adding images to the body text is that you can customise where they are located. Keep in mind that if you want these images to be downloadable, you also need to add them under Related content (see above).

Image handling is only available on our paid subscription plans.

Feel free to check out our guide about
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