Account Owner is a press officer role that encompasses specific admin rights with regard to the newsroom and its users.

The press officer who starts a new newsroom will automatically become the account owner. The account owner role can be transferred to another press officer, but not completely removed, nor can more than one user hold the Account Owner role at the same time.

If you, as an Account Owner, plan to terminate your personal user account on Mynewsdesk, you first need to assign the role to another user, before you can delete your own user account.

The Account Owner is the only user who can:
– Assign another user as account owner (click on the gearwheel and choose Users)
– Remove users from the newsroom (click on the gearwheel and choose Users)
– Enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for all users (click on the gearwheel and choose Security)

Users who are not Account Owner can still:
– Invite new users to the newsroom (click on the gearwheel and choose Users)
– Choose to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for their own user account (click on your name in the upper right corner and choose Settings)
– Without limitations use all remaining functions, related to Publish, Contacts, etc.

NB: The moment that an Account Owner enforces two-factor authentication (2FA) for everyone, all users will immediately be guided to set up 2FA before they can continue to use Mynewsdesk.
To avoid any sudden workflow stoppage, it is therefore advisable to inform all users beforehand, and ask to already set up 2FA before making it mandatory.

If you are missing the Account Owner function on your newsroom and want it to be activated, please get in touch with your contact person or with Mynewsdesk Support.

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