Find it in Mynewsdesk: Analyze > Your content.

View statistics for each type of content. This enables you to analyze more specific data.

When clicking the tab All content in Analyze, you will find a list with all your material. Filter material by selecting from the menu on the top left. Numbers of views shown on the list are Total views for specific material, as explained below.

Clicking on a specific piece of content allows you to view data for that specific piece.

Total viewsThis gives you an overview of how many readers have interacted with your content. It includes any traffic from the web, total emails opened (followers and your own lists) as well as the number of opened alert emails. The graph shows how many views per day you get. Numbers are summarized from web views, emails and subscribers’ email alerts.

Emails to contacts – Find out how many of the emails you sent out to your own contact lists have been delivered, opened and clicked. Click on a number and a list of email addresses will appear. If you click Opened, you will see who has opened the email.

Emails to followers – Your followers instantly receive your stories (press releases/news stories/blog posts) once they are published. Find out how many of these emails have been delivered, opened and clicked by your followers. When you click on the numbers, you will see a list of the email addresses of followers who have opened them.

Emails to subscribers – Check how many subscribers opened your email. If you click on this number, you will see what company or magazine the recipients come from (if the recipient has added this information on their account). You can also see how many of the delivered emails have been opened.

Likes, comments and shares – These numbers show how much engagement your story has in different social media channels. The numbers increase if it’s shared from the module found on that particular story.

Story views – Find out how much traffic each social media channel has driven to your story.

Traffic sources – Find out what sources your visitors come from. When you hover the mouse over a source, an information icon appears with info about that particular source. It’s important to know which sources visitors come from in order to gain knowledge and awareness of your audience.

Here are some explanations of common sources:

  • Mynewsdesk –  These are visitors who have clicked on a link somewhere on the Mynewsdesk site and were led to your story, i.e. from the story page or from some other page in the newsroom.
  • Google – These are visitors who Googled their way into your story i.e. typing keywords that are included in your stories.
  • Direct – These are visitors who have typed the URL directly into their browser, or clicked untagged links (links we can’t track i.e. links in text messages that lead straight into your story), bookmarks and links from documents.
  • Newsletter –  Theses are visitors who have found their way into your newsroom by clicking a link in an email sent from a newsletter service like Apsis or MailChimp.
  • Mynewsdesk subscribers – These are visitors who have clicked on a link from subscriber emails. Subscribers are those who create an account on Mynewsdesk and start subscribing to subjects, regions and keywords they are interested in. A subscriber receives an email (subscriber email) with content relating to what they have subscribed to.