Find it in Mynewsdesk: Contacts > Import

You have two options for importing contacts – upload a file or copy and paste. If you have a lot of new contacts you want to add, it’s better to upload a file. Copy and paste is better if you have one or a fewer number of contacts to add. 


  1. Select a file from your computer (XLS, CSV, TSV, ODS, XLSX).
  2. Choose which list you want to add the contacts to or create a new one.
  3. Choose which information from the file you want to import. Do this by selecting a category for each field in your file. If you have headers in your contact file, e.g. First name, Job title, company, etc. Select the Do not include headers box to exclude headers from the import. You need to select email as a field to be able to finish.
  4. Start the import.



  1. Paste email addresses into the field. Separate them with a space or a line break.
  2. Choose what list you want to add the contacts to, or create a new one. Then you’re done!


 Your imports will now be found under Contact lists, as well as in the publish form.


Quick tip! If you add your important key influencers and journalists, divide them depending on geographical area or by their area of interest.

Other examples of contact lists that you could create are: an internal list to keep your co-workers up to date, one for your company’s management, important customers or other stakeholders like suppliers and partners.