Listen is our media monitoring tool that keeps track of who, and what, is mentioning keywords that you are interested in. It gives you all the correct and relevant information you need. Listen is more advanced than our other tool Monitor. It gives you the opportunity to create more detailed search profiles, as well as the opportunity to analyze your media coverage and position.

Listen searches through web sources and social media, with this all-in-one tool.

It consists of six parts: Media monitoring, Analysis, Clipbook, News Alert, Social Media and Search the archive.

Media monitoring

Find hits from all profiles. They are chronologically listed regardless of source type. Click on the heading of the article to read the full story.

A. Find all the profiles that you have created. If you click on one of these you will see the articles from that specific profile. Group profiles by moving one profile into the other.

B. You can choose to see articles from a specific source or from a certain time period. On the right side, you can search for a specific source or article.

C. If you select an article, you can choose:

  • Rating. Select if your article is positive, neutral or negative. Later on, you can extract statistics from these ratings.
  • Scrapbook. Add the article to a scrapbook and share these articles with others. You can also create new scrapbooks here.
  • Comment. Add internal comments to share with your co-workers.
  • Labels. Sort through your articles by your own labels. Labels are made to extract statistics from. Create new labels by clicking the pen, add different labels and add them into groups. One article can have several labels.
  • Send emails. Share selected stories with others.
  • Delete articles.