Find it in Mynewsdesk: Click the tab Settings 

The Settings tab contains pretty much all your settings. Add your company information, integrate your newsroom to your social media channels, and find the settings for the newsroom implemented on your website.

Newsroom settings – Find all your basic settings like adding your logo and company description.

Network settings – Add your reply address and download your own contact lists.

Channels – Activate your channels in order to distribute your material to your social media channels.

Comments – Handle comments coming into your newsroom.

Tag management – Tags are made to create structure in your newsroom. Edit and pin your tags here.

Newsroom on Facebook – If you want to separate Mynewsdesk from your Facebook feed, you can add you newsroom as an app on Facebook.

Hosted Newsroom (Professional/Enterprise) – Integrate your newsroom with your own website.

Email settings (Professional / Enterprise) – Customize your emails to make the design align with your company.

Story Widget (Professional / Enterprise) – Implement your recent stories on your website.

Users – See who has a log into your newsroom and invite new users.