This guide is intended for those who have a new and empty newsroom at Mynewsdesk. It will help you with the most essential steps to make before making the newsroom public.

Start by logging into your account on Mynewsdesk.

We recommend that everyone who will use the account have his or her own login. This makes it easier for us to see who has permission to use the newsroom and to help you out if you contact our support. You can easily invite others to get their own login.

Once you are logged in, click on the company name in the top black bar and then click Users. There you can invite whoever you want to grant access which will receive an email with instructions for creating their own login.

New user2

If you don’t have a login and are unable to be invited, just contact your account manager at Mynewsdesk or our support and we will help you.
Once you are logged in, you are ready to get started.

1. Setting up the newsroom

If you add your social media feeds under External sources in the newsroom settings, they will appear on the front page of your newsroom.

Click Add Feed and choose between RSS, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

  • To add an RSS feed, go to the page that you want to download the feed from. There, click the icon for RSS BILD HÄR and a new page will open. Grab the URL of this page and paste it into the box on Mynewsdesk.
  • Twitter requires a username or a hashtag. The system won’t save the @ or # symbols, but it will still save the feed correctly.
  • Flickr requires your username.
  • YouTube requires a username, a so-called User ID. Go to your YouTube page and look at the URL, the last word after the slash (/) is the username. It can also be a combination of numbers and letters. Copy the entire username and paste it in the box.
  • Facebook requires the link to your company’s Facebook page. Note that this page must be public.

You can move around the external sources by clicking and dragging them to the place you want.

2. Add a press contact

If you have different contact people for trademarks or areas of the company, make sure you specify this in the Area of responsibility or Discription so your visitors can get in direct touch with the right person.

Every time you publish material on Mynewsdesk you can relate the contact person or contact persons responsible for that piece of content.

3. How does the distribution work?

  • The follow button can be placed on your website as well. You’ll find the code snippet to integrate on your website at the bottom of the newsroom settings. If a visitor on your site clicks the button he or she will se a popup window where they can enter their email address and thus subscribe to all of your press releases, news and blog posts.
  • You can create as many distribution lists as you want in Network. If you divide your contacts into several lists, it’s easier to select and direct your mailings to the right people.
  • The social media channels you choose to activate will always go through your private account and attach themselves to the business pages you administer. Therefore, ensure that you have administrator rights on the specific social platform.
  • If you have a certain number of categories you use often, you can preset them in the newsroom settings. They will then show up as default in every publication form and you won’t have to look them up every time you publish.

4. Publish content

Be sure to look in our user manual or browse our forum if you need help.
User manuals: EnglishGerman; Norwegian; Danish

Our support is close at hand on weekdays between 9-17 via the chat you will find at the bottom right when you are logged into the tool, via email to and by phone.

Germany: +49 (0)341 / 350 587-77
Denmark: +45 3812 3630
Norway: +47 2200 1019
UK: +44 (0)20 7645 2355
Finland: +358 40 575 8565
Sweden: +46 (0)8 644 89 50