Getting ready for GDPR with Mynewsdesk

Mynewsdesk is constantly striving to provide a seamless experience for our customers. A big part of it is preparing, and getting ready for GDPR. Mynewsdesk is taking privacy seriously and have been preparing by working extra hard on privacy issues for the last 2 years.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is the new EU privacy law that goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. It will regulate the processing of personal data of EU citizens. The emergence of GDPR means that companies that are processing personal data need to make sure that they are prepared and compliant in due time.

What is Mynewsdesk doing to prepare?

We have been running a project to improve our internal routines and processes to make sure our organisation is streamlined and prepared for the new law. If you want to learn more about our GDPR compliance journey and some of our learnings around this, please go to this blog post. In addition to our internal preparations we have developed features within the tool that are meant to make GDPR compliance easy for Mynewsdesk customers.

Updated Privacy Policy

As part of the preparations we have released our new GDPR compliant Privacy Policy which can be found here. A minor addition in our Terms of Use has also been made, linking the Terms of Use with the new Privacy Policy. The Terms of Use can be found here.

New General Terms & Conditions

In addition to above we will shortly introduce updated General Terms & Conditions which will include a Data Processing Agreement. This will cover the GDPR requirement that Mynewsdesk and customers have to implement a Data Processing Agreement when Mynewsdesk in processing data on the behalf of the customer. The revised General Terms & Conditions will come into effect in due time prior to 25th of May.

The Mynewsdesk features to assist in your GDPR-preparations

Another focus of ours has been to develop features that may assist Mynewsdesk customers in their own GDPR-related initiatives. Below we are presenting the GDPR-compliance tools that are being rolled out in the Mynewsdesk tool. We will also go through the relevant pre-existing tools that can help you.

Informing contacts about data processing
The contacts that you are communicating with on the Mynewsdesk platform will all easily be able to access our new Privacy Policy for Contacts directly from the email template. The document informs the contacts about their rights and gives specific instructions on what to do in order to exercise them. Among other things the contacts can learn how to easily opt-out from data processing and how to proceed if they have any other privacy related request.

Refined opt-out functionality – self-serve erasure of contacts
According to GDPR, all data subjects (such as contacts) have ‘the right to object’ to processing of personal data. Companies that receive a request such as this needs to respond by stopping to process personal data related to the data subject. Data subjects also have ‘right to be forgotten’ which means that companies need to comply to any request by users saying that they want their personal data to be erased.

In order to make the process of handling these type of requests as easy as possible, Mynewsdesk is rolling out a Privacy Dashboard-feature where contacts can go to opt out from Mynewsdesk newsrooms. When a contact opts out from a newsroom they will first be marked as deleted in Contacts of that newsroom and it will not be possible for you as the owner of that newsroom to send emails to the contact any more. 30 days after deletion by the contact, the contact and all related data will automatically disappear from Contacts. Also any personal data of the contact will be anonymized in Analyze, but aggregate statistics in Analyze will remain unchanged. As long as the contact doesn’t on their own opt in to your newsroom again by becoming a follower, it will not be possible to re-add or send emails to the contact again.

As always, your contacts are able to unsubscribe from receiving updates from you by clicking a link in the emails that you are sending out. With an unsubscribe, the contact will be marked as unsubscribed in Contacts and no data will be automatically deleted or anonymized in your newsroom.

Erasure of contacts from the tool
It is possible that your contacts (that you have uploaded Mynewsdesk) will directly send a request to you in order to be erased. To make sure that you can respond accordingly to these type of requests we are updating the delete feature within Contacts. The update will mean that specific contacts that you are deleting from Contacts will not only disappear from there and from all of your lists, but it will also be anonymized in Analyze. You can add the contact again if you would so chose, but Analyze reports for previously published content will remain anonymized.

Exporting personal data upon request
‘The right to data portability’ means that contacts have the right to obtain their data in a machine readable form. Under Contacts settings you can (as always) export any of your lists in Contacts to a CSV-file, in order to be able to respond to export requests from contacts as efficiently as possible.

Right of access
Our new Privacy Policy for Contacts describes (among other things) on a general level the categories of data about contacts that is processed on Mynewsdesk. If you were to receive an access request from any of your contacts you can of course always use existing functionality in Contacts to specifically inform the contact about the data that you hold about them.

Keeping data up to date
Keeping contact data up-to-date is important not only because it improves PR work but also because GDPR clearly states ‘the right to rectification’ which means that your contacts have the right to request inaccurate data about them to be corrected. As always you can edit any contact by clicking on it in Contacts.

Features for your newsroom followers
Newsroom followers are Mynewsdesk users that have opted in to follow your newsroom to receive email updates every time you publish content. Some data related to these users are shared with you and we are making sure that they can access the same or similar information and opt-out-features as your contacts.

Going forward

While some of the features above are already in place, we are currently working hard to roll out the Privacy Dashboard-feature for contacts and the Analyze anonymization within the coming weeks.

We will continue to keep you posted throughout this process so that you can stay up to date with what’s happening!