Integrate your list of key contacts and journalists and distribute your content. You can also manage profiles in detail to know exactly who your contacts are. More importantly, get useful insights on how engaged each of your contact and contact lists are and take action based on your analyses.

Manage contacts – This is where you find all your contacts and followers and see how engaged they are.

Lists – This is where you create new lists and find lists that you have created. We recommend you to always organize your contacts into lists to reach the right audience and stay relevant.

Import – This is where you can import new contacts either through import a file with contacts  (we support XLS, CSV, TSV, ODS or XLSX files) or copy and paste smaller number of email addresses into a field and then import.

Audience Builder – This is where you find new contacts and relevant journalists with help from our media database.

Send exclusive – This is where you send content to a specific contact or list. You can send drafts, scheduled content and already published content. 

Export – This is where you download your contacts or lists in CSV or XLS format.