Find it in Mynewsdesk: Publish > Images

Make your newsroom come alive with images that are available for download by your visitors. Upload images related to your content or other images related to your company.

A. Add new – To upload a new image, press the “Upload image” button or just use the drag and drop tool.

B. Edit – To edit an image, tick the small box and click“Edit”. Alternatively, hover over the picture and click the edit symbol. It is possible to edit two or more images at the same time by selecting them all at once. You can add and edit the title, summary, photographer and tags. You can also change the license and change the size of the image.

To change the size of the image, click on the crop symbol on the top right corner. Please note that the cropped image will only be used in the news carousel on the first page of your newsroom and in lists.

C. Publish – To publish the images to your newsroom and make it visible for your visitors, select images and press “Publish to newsroom” and select publication date. 

D. Delete – To delete pictures from the image handler, mark the picture or pictures and click the trash bin. If the image is used as the main image or related in a published text, it will also be deleted from there.

Schedule publishing – To publish an image at a specific date and time, you can do it here. Images are arranged by publishing date in the newsroom and you can change the order of them here. 

Unpublish – To unpublish an image from your newsroom, select the image and choose “Unpublish”. It will still be saved as a draft in your newsroom.

Maximum size for images is 100 MB.