Find it in Mynewsdesk: Publish > Images.

Make your images accessible online and make the newsroom look more alive.
The maximum size for images is 100 MB.

How to publish an image

1. Add new – Press the Upload new image button or just use the drag and drop tool.

2. Edit – Once you added one or more images you can edit them by selecting them, and then press Edit.

3. Publish – To actually publish the images to your newsroom – select wanted images and press Publish to your newsroom and follow the instructions.

Schedule publishing If you want images to publish automatically at a specific time and date. Images are ordered by publishing date in the newsroom, so you can change the order of them here.

Unpublish – Select a published image and choose to unpublish. It will still be saved as a draft in your newsroom.

Crop – Choose only one image and click Edit. Click on the cropping symbol in the top right corner. Cropping is only visible in list view in your newsroom.