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Audience Builder is a media database that helps you identify and connect with relevant journalists and influencers within your industry. Whether you want to reach out to journalists in a particular country or all over the world, you can easily find influential media contacts to distribute content to. You can search in two ways, either by using relevant keywords or do an advanced search by filling in one or more of the fields.

Keyword search

Keywords – Use keywords to search for media contacts.

Location – Discover media contacts by county, region or country.

Advanced search

Expertise – Find media contacts by the topics they specialize in.g. ‘communications’, ‘public relations’, etc. 

Location-  Discover media contacts by county, region or country.

Industry – Search for media contacts by media type, from trade and consumer publications to broadcast media. 

Geo target – Show media contacts by the audience they target i.e.. local, regional, national and international. 

Job title – Filter media contacts by job title. 

Language – Look for media contacts by working language. 

Media outlet – Filter media contacts by the outlet they work for. 

Importing contacts to your existing lists

When you find relevant and interesting contacts, import them to a contact list. Select a contact by checking the small box next to their name. 

To select more contacts, check each box or use ‘Select all’ at the top of the list. To import your selected contacts, simply click on Import selected and choose the contact list you want to add them to.