Publish and distribute stories effectively. Save valuable time by creating, publishing, and distributing your stories in one place. Choose which topics, distribution lists and social media your story should be sent to. Then use your online newsroom as the digital window to your brand, allowing journalists and influencers to find your stories.

Press releases – Publish a press release if you aim to reach daily press. The bigger happenings at your company should be published here.

For example: New products, important issues, new recruitments or awards. Press releases are often heavier content with bigger news value.

News – Publish a news article if you aim to reach social media and your personal contacts. The content will often be more objective. Written as shorter stories, updates or newsletters.
Example: Happy customers, participation in events or smaller recruitments. Want to reach readers online as well as journalists.

Blog post  – Publish a blog post if you aim to reach your personal lists. Blog posts are often written to show the personality of your company.
For example: It can be internal interviews with co-workers, sponsorships, charity, health or tips and tricks.

Good news! The publishing templates for Press releases/News/Blog post all look the same.

Events – Create an event and add it to your calendar in your newsroom.

Images – Published images will be visible in your newsroom, you can also make them available for download. Upload unlimited number of images, highest resolution for one image is 100 MG.

Videos – Add videos and make them visible and available in your newsroom, they will be found together with your images. We don’t recommend uploading movies bigger than 500 MB.

Documents – If you have product descriptions, reports, white papers – make them accessible by adding them into your newsroom.

Contacts –  Add your press contact or other contacts so that journalists or other visitors can reach out to you. We know this is appreciated by journalists.