If you wish to add new contacts to your network, you can add contacts manually or import them.

Add contacts manually:
– Go to the menu Contacts and select Contact lists.
– Click on the list that you want to add the contact to. Or use the button Create list.
– Click on Add Contact and fill in the contact information, then confirm.

Import contacts:
– Go to the menu Contacts and select Import.
There are two options to imports contacts, import a file or copy and paste contacts from your computer.
For more detailed info on how to import a file, please see our guide about how to import contacts into your lists.

Select one or more contacts by clicking the checkbox for options to add to further lists, or click on a contact to edit lists or contact details.

In the case that you want to add a contact or press contact on your public newsroom, however, this is not handled via the top menu called Contacts, but under Publish, where you select Contacts from the menu. See also where to add or edit a contact on my public newsroom.

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