To download your contact lists, click on Contacts and then Export.

Now choose which of your lists you wish to download and in what format you want to download the list, CSV or XLS.
You may also download all contacts at once.
The lists you choose to download are sent to your registered email address.

If you select all contacts at once, they will be presented in a list but not divided into the specific lists they’re in.
If you choose a specific list, you will only see the contacts that are included in that particular list.

Default lists that are automatically generated by Mynewsdesk (e.g. Followers) cannot be downloaded straightaway. If you want to download those contacts, you can add the contacts to a list that you create yourself, then download that list.
You will find your Default lists under ContactsLists Default lists.

Please note that it is not possible to export contacts from Audience Builder, Agility PR, or any other list bought for usage within Mynewsdesk.

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