By default, the front page of your newsroom shows all the latest press releases, news and blog posts in a chronological order (with the latest publication at the top). 

When setting up a material in Publish, in the distribution settings, under the header Visibility in Newsroom, you can impact this behaviour in the following ways:

– Pinned as top story
By flagging as a top story, you highlight the story so that it always shows at the top of the front page. When you have a number of pinned top stories, these in their turn are listed in chronological order (latest publication at the top).
You can have up to 7 top stories pinned at the same time. When this number has been reached, and you want to pin a new story, you need to unpin one of the current top stories.

– Hidden from front page of the newsroom
This option will hide the story from the front page of your newsroom.

Please note that both settings only influence the visibility on the front page. Nevertheless, the tab News archive will always show all published stories in a purely chronological order. (In the case that you just want to share content without publishing, however, you use the function Send exclusive.)

Remember to consider a removal of the top story flag after some time, when the content begins to feel outdated. Otherwise, the story will continue to appear at the top of the newsroom front page.

To change the visibility option for already published content, you go to e.g. Publish > Press releases, click the three dots menu button for the published material, and use the drop-down-menu to update the visibility.

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