Mynewsdesk supplies RSS links in the page source of the start page of every newsroom. This way they will be picked up by RSS aggregators scanning the page.

To retrieve the links manually, right-click on the public newsroom start page, and choose View Page Source (or similar) from the context menu. Then search for RSS.

Our feed current_news combines press releases, news and blog posts into one feed.

RSS feed aggregator software, or an add-on in your web browser, allows you to grab the RSS feeds from the newsroom and display them for you to read and use. Our RSS feeds basically consist of only unformatted text, although in addition some aggregators may even fetch the a header image. Aggregators will display at most 20 items. However, depending on the browser or application that you are using, also a lower limit may apply.

The RSS links for a specific newsroom are permanently valid, i.e. they are not affected by any changes or updates that you may make to your newsroom (like changing newsroom design, newsroom name or url).

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