Online tool training
Free for customers

Participate in our online tool training where we go through the basics of the tool and how to use it. This course is suitable for new customers or anyone who needs to brush up on their in-tool skills.

Different languages available.

Video Course: Tool Training
Free video course

Get started with your newsroom by completing our video course!

Want to ensure the best possible set up of your newsroom and optimized used of it going forward? With the four videos in our tool training video course we’ll give you all the tips & tricks you need and help you become a true PR professional.

Mention tool training
Free for Mention customers


We we go through the basics of Mention, how to use it and how to best work with media monitoring.


How to master Crisis Communication
Free customer webinar

This is not just another webinar. This is an online session to help you work smarter and get better results with your PR efforts in general, and with your crisis communication skills specifically. You will get valuable insights and concrete recommendations you can implement in your work – starting today!


Newsroom help
€140 per hour

We can help you build and create your newsroom! From cleaning out old content to making personalized lists from your contacts, we do more than just structuring your newsroom. Everything we do is aimed towards maximizing the reach of your content.

Monitoring assistance
€140 per hour

Let us help you set up extensive and helpful search profiles. On top of that, we teach you how to work with media monitoring in the best way possible.