Online intro course
Free for customers

Participate in our online course where we go through the basics of the tool and how to use it. You can easily ask questions in the live chat. This course suits new customers or anyone who needs to brush up on their in-tool skills.



Customized course
Starts at: €300

A course customized to fit your company. Depending on your needs and wishes, we discuss how you can utilize Mynewsdesk in the best way possible.

Online: €300

Mynewsdesk office/your office: Starts at €500




Newsroom help
€100 per hour

We help you build and create your newsroom. We go through different key areas to use and how you can develop your newsroom based on your needs and wishes.

We can also help you publish already written content to your newsroom.


Media Monitor help
€100 per hour

We help you set up extensive, and helpful, search profiles. We also teach you how to use the media monitor.

Other Services


Get started with your newsroom quick and easily with help from our experts. We help you build the frame of your newsroom and publish already written content.



Onboarding plus
Starts at €850

We make sure that you get a tailored Kickstart of your newsroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new customer or if you know a lot about the tool – we customize this onboarding based on your needs and wishes.