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Keeping track of the impact of your PR work and seeing the media coverage you get from your stories is an important part of your work. With help from AI and natural language processing you can easily track the media coverage of every one of your stories and best of all, no work is needed from you! Time-efficient and convenient, right? 

Latest media coverage on dashboard

On your dashboard, you can see the latest media coverage of all your stories. From here, you can read the full story by clicking the headline. The full story will open in a new tab. 

Media coverage in Publish

To see the media coverage of a story (press release, news or blog post) you have published, go to Publish. Next to the headline, you will see the number of hits for that story. Click on that or the headline to view the media coverage. 

From here, you get an overview of the story’s media coverage. You can see the name of the media, publication date and time and the preview of the text. To read the full story, click on a hit. 


Under the Statistics tab, you will see the relevant numbers of your media coverage. These include total number of hits, hits today, average number of hits as well as a timeline. 

Email notifications

The one who creates the story will also be the one to receive an email notification of a hit in real time. The first three hits will come through one at a time, after that the fourth email will include a summary of the latest media coverage for that day. This will continue for 30 days after the publication of the story. 

If you still want to track media coverage after day 30, go to Publish and click on the story to see all the results. 

Good luck with tracking your PR work!