Find it in Mynewsdesk: Settings > Tag Management

Imagine visiting a newsroom and not finding what you are looking for. You will probably lose patience quickly and leave the website. You don’t want this to happen to your visitors, right? Make it easier for them to navigate by structuring your material with tags.

In Tag Management you will find a list with all the tags that you have used in your published material. By adding the same tag to material, they end up in the same folder. We recommend you to use less tags and use them consistently.

You can choose to edit, remove or merge tags in this list.

A. Combine – You can merge tags by selecting the tags you want to merge and then click Combine. Then choose the new name of the new tag.

B. Delete – Select the tags you want to remove, and press Delete.

C. Edit –  Edit name and remove material from a tag.
     Pin – Pin your tag to highlight this folder, this will make it easier to find this particular tag and the material it contains.

How to create a pinned-tag-folder:

  1. As soon as you have published material with a tag, you will find this tag in Tag management.
  2. Find the tag in the list and press the small pin-icon. You will see a folder appear at the top.
  3. Choose an image by clicking Choose image in the new folder

Done! Go into your newsroom and check folder that has appeared.
Look, this giphy explains it all: