Implementing our story widget on your own website, you can show the latest press releases, news and blog posts from your newsroom. This will make your website appear more vivid, and drive traffic to your newsroom.

If your subscription plan includes the Story Widget, then the drop down menu Settings (click on the gearwheel) will show Story widget as a menu item.

Here you can: Select the type of content you wish to show, filter content through chosen categories, choose layout and how to open stories, and also add your own design via custom CSS.
Use the tab Preview to look over the result, and on the tab Implement you will find the code that you copy and paste into the source code of your own website.

We also provide another widget that shows a news feed based on topics you choose. This widget can be used for free and you don’t need a newsroom to use it. Click here to create a widget for your website – for free!

Learn more about different ways of showing content from your newsroom on your own website.