The Dashboard is the first page you land on after logging in. Its purpose is to give you a current update with basic statistics that date 30 days back. If you don’t have access to Analyze, these are the numbers you got.

Indication bar – This bar indications how completed your newsroom is. By clicking the question mark will you get suggestions on what you can do to increase the impact of your newsroom.

Newsroom statistics – Statistics include number of views during the past week, number of views during the past month, the average length of time visitors have spent in your newsroom and how these views differ from the previous period.


Most popular stories – your most popular press releases, news stories or blog posts during the past 30 days. The eye symbol to the left indicates how many views you’ve had.

Recent visitors – Thmap shows you where your 1,000 last visitors come from, or at least their IP-address.

Recent followers – Followers are people who subscribed to your newsroom and receives all your press releases, news stories and blog posts when they are published.