There is no need to manually add a PDF with the same content as your press release, news or blog post, since such a PDF will automatically be created by our system. Visitors of your newsroom can download it by clicking on the download icon below the heading of the published material.

Nevertheless, sometimes it makes sense to add other PDF content, such as a flyer, infographic, booklet etc. to your story.

When editing your press release, news or blog post, you click on Add related media in the section Related media. As Content type, you select Documents from the drop-down-menu. Click on Upload document to upload your PDF. Select the PDF (or possibly multiple documents) by clicking on it, so that it gets the check mark, then confirm via the Done button.

Complete the editing of your material (for more information, see our guide Publish a press release, news or blog post).

In the last step when publishing, after you have clicked on the Continue to publish button, you need to make sure that the option is ticked to publish related content at the same time as the press release, news or blog post.

This will publish the document with the PDF in the Media library of your newsroom. You can edit it under Publish > Media > Documents. Please note that, in order to be downloadable, the document must not have the license All rights reserved.

Alternatively, instead of uploading the document in the Related media section, you can start by creating it directly under Publish > Media > Documents (either save as a draft, or publish it right away), and subsequently add it as Related media.

While you are logged in as a press officer of your newsroom, you can test downloading the PDF via the press release preview. But please note that for technical reasons, the document with the PDF needs to be published before it can be viewed or downloaded by external visitors of your newsroom.

With regard to emails sent from Mynewsdesk, in order to keep them as ‘lightweight’ as possible, and to ensure high quality email deliverability, technically speaking no PDF (or other document) file is included in the email itself, but provided by download from the Media library of your newsroom.

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