Using a Hosted Newsroom allows you to automatically display the content you publish on Mynewsdesk on your own website as well.

A Cname is a way of showing your newsroom on your own website. When you create a new newsroom on Mynewsdesk we automatically create a Cname for this newsroom. By creating a Cname on your own website you’ll be able to display your newsroom there. To be able to set this up you’ll need access to the DNS settings for your domain. Point your Cname to

Setting up a Cname of your own can be done in just a couple of minutes. When you’re done, enter your Cname in the field Your own domain (CNAME), which you’ll find under Hosted Newsroom in Settings.

By using the tabs Design and Advanced settings you can easily style your Hosted newsroom as you please.

This option allows you to embed your newsroom in a tab on your own website, keeping your own design, header and footer.

The tab where the iframe is embedded is actually empty and the content visible there is hosted on another site. Setting up an iframe usually takes between 15 minutes and an hour, depending on the web administrator’s knowledge level.

In Hosted Newsroom under the tab Settings you’ll find the iframe settings. Under Embed on your site, type the web address where they frame shall appear. In the settings you’ll also find a javascript code. Paste this code into your page source where you want your Hosted newsroom to appear.

By using the tabs Design and Advanced settings you can easily style your Hosted newsroom as you please.

Another option is to fetch the content with API. With API you make requests to us in which you choose what content to fetch from your newsroom and display on your own website. This way you can also customise the design as you please. Using API requires a broader technical knowledge than the other Hosted Newsroom options above. For a technical documentation, or if you need our API key, please contact our support.

In excess of the options above you may also show your latest press releases, news or blog posts by implementing our story widget. Also, our RSS feeds, which can be found in the lower right corner of your newsroom, can be used to show content from your newsrooms on another website.

Please note that a Hosted Newsroom and API are not included in all of our subscriptions. Your account manager will gladly provide information about your subscription and how to upgrade it as needed.